The procedure for extending the validity term of the certificate specified in paragraph 3 of the amendments to the "Rules for the provision of certification services, issuance of certificates and maintenance of the register" of the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 382 dated September 4, 2019 (hereinafter Decision) is now open to public's use.

Thus, the holders of the "Asan Imza" certificates will be able to online extend its validity for the next three years using the Internet portal at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the certificate. If there are less than 30 days left before the certificate is expired or if the certificate has already expired, the citizen will be able to perform this procedure only by actually visiting the center. For more information on renewal of certificate online please read the "User's Guide" by following this link .

According to clause 2.2 of the Decision, it no more needed to issue certificates on paper, and now users can submit an online application and receive the "Asan Imza" (Business Certificate) in electronic form based on (Personal) "Asan Imza" certificates.

It should be noted that currently users can use more than 1000 electronic services provided by public and private organizations using the mobile electronic signature "Asan Imza". According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Asan Imza" is equated to a handwritten signature, and therefore all procedures related to the user identification, security, cryptography compliance with worldwide standards, are strictly observed in terms of ensuring the interests of both users and service providers. Thus, the procedure for issuing "Asan Imza" is strictly regulated by legislation, as is the issuance of any other identity document.

Source link: Online prolongation of “Asan Imza” certificates

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