The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, signed a decree on "creating and ensuring the activities of the Centre for Legal Expertise and Legislative Initiatives”.

The Decree was issued to implement reforms in various areas of law and improve the quality of rule-making activities, taking into international account experience.

The Decree creates a public legal entity, the "Centre for Legal Expertise and Legislative Initiatives" (hereinafter - Centre). The Decree approved the Charter of the Centre. According to the Charter, the activities of the Centre include:

• participation in the preparation and legal expertise of draft legal acts, development concepts and target state programs;
• participation in the development and improvement of legislation to identify and eliminate legal gaps and collisions in the legislation;
• taking measures in the field of legal education.

According to the Decree, the Institute of Law and Human Rights, which is part of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, will be reorganised into a public legal entity under the auspices of the Centre.

A public legal entity is operating in the field of improving the quality of the Centre’s rule-making activities, developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of employees of state bodies (institutions) in the area of application of legal norms, legal awareness, legal expertise and assessing the impact of legal regulation, as well as preparing proposals for the implementation of legal reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan, taking into account advanced international experience and in the field of effective coordination of related activities.

To carry out general management and control over the activities of the Centre, a Supervisory Board is created consisting of 5 (five) members, including the chairman. The current management of the Centre's activities is carried out by the Executive Director, appointed and dismissed by the Supervisory Board of the Centre.

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Source: https://president.az/az/articles/view/56083

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